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little boy enjoying the nutrients in milk

Kids Need Nutrients in Milk During Summer

June 11, 2016

Summer’s the Perfect Time to Pick Up Some Healthy Habits!

Summer is in full swing and getting nutrients in milk during the summer months is especially important! Kids are on summer break and out of their normal routines. This is usually a great change full of pool parties, summer camp and time playing outside. On the other hand, kids’ newfound freedom can also lead to a little too much TV, video games and sweet summer snacks.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, kids gain more weight when school is not in session. Unhealthy foods and sugary beverages are easily available to kids in the summer and have been attributed to weight gain. The lack of routine and built-in healthy habits can be challenging for kids, so it is important to help kids make the right choices during the summer months.

It just so happens that June is National Dairy Month. This annual celebration of dairy products dates back to 1937 to spread awareness of the health benefits associated with the nutrients in milk. Dairy is a great source of nine essential nutrients, ranging from calcium to potassium, that have been shown to manage weight and to improve other conditions, such as high blood pressure and blood sugar dysregulation. This summer celebration each year helps us all kick off the summer with healthy habits.

This yearly reminder couldn’t come at a better time for school-aged kids. Swapping out Rockview Farms milk for beverages sweetened with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup is a simple way to fight childhood weight gain during the summer months. The essential nutrients in milk will keep them full, energized and happy during all of their favorite activities. Swapping protein for sugar will also ensure they don’t crash later, making them less likely to reach for the remote!

Being overweight as a child can have serious implications, but, luckily, this can be reversed. If your child is struggling with his or her weight, you may find this resource helpful for identifying problem symptoms and for helping your child get healthier. For summertime tips ranging from how to pack road-trip friendly snacks to getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables, check out this helpful article!

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