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3 Back to School Routines for Your Family

September 21, 2017

Back to School Means Back to Routine

The air feels a little cooler and students are settling into the habit of doing homework, packing lunches and getting to the bus on time. This season is the perfect opportunity to get the house back in order after a busy summer and establish routines in your home. According to recent research, academic success begins at home – making these rituals all the more important. Having trouble shaking the spontaneity and chaos that characterizes the summer months? Here are three ways to bring some structure to your home this season.

1. Display a Family Calendar in a Prominent Place

Managing schedules can be a challenge in the Fall season. Knowing ahead of time when the next piano recital is and who’s bringing snacks to soccer practice will help you plan ahead. Take it one step further and write out the meal plan for the week – meal planning makes it easier to plan ahead and minimizes questions and complaints about what’s for dinner.

2. Get Children Involved in Meal Planning and Cooking

When armed with a plan and a list, taking your kids along to the grocery store can be a fun activity. If your children are older, they may enjoy picking out produce themselves or making a trip to the dairy aisle to buy the milk. With Rockview milk in hundreds of schools in Southern California, they may recognize the milk they drink at school in the cold case at one of these stores! Research shows that children involved in meal planning and preparation “are more likely to eat the food prepared, develop healthier habits, and experience greater self-efficacy and self-esteem.”

3. Have a Protected Time Just for Family

Having a healthy dinner together as a family is a great way to connect with your kids after a busy day. Not only will a healthy meal help kids concentrate in school, but spending time together will help them feel supported. Consider going around the table and sharing the best part of your day as a way to bond and stay connected during this busy time of year.

We Would Love to Hear from You

What are your favorite back to school rituals to help keep your family on track? Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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