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5 Tips for Packing a Lunch for YOURSELF (plus a giveaway!)

September 26, 2018

Packing a Healthy (Not Boring) Lunch for Work

How to pack a healthy lunch for kids has become a hot topic lately, especially around back-to-school season. Feeding kids balanced meals at school is an important topic, but so is what you eat!! Sometimes packing a lunch for yourself day in and day out gets mundane, and parents can fall culprit to prioritizing kids lunches over their own. The truth is, you don’t NEED a fancy bento box or a lot of time each evening to pack yourself a great lunch. Here are 5 tips that can get you back to enjoying lunches from home to save your taste buds from everyday PB&J and your wallet (and waistline) from daily lunches out.

  1. Pack a mason jar salad with the wet ingredients at the bottom to keep tender greens from getting soggy. For a fresh twist on your favorite salad, try the Sweet Orange Vinaigrette dressing recipe from our website!

  2. Slice deli meats, cheeses and raw vegetables at the beginning of the week and keep in separate containers in the fridge. You can package different mixes each day and add in nuts, seeds or bread for variety.

  3. Use a slow cooker to make a large batch of soup or stew at the beginning of the week – we love this creamy chicken soup recipe! Package one for each day in glass containers that are microwave safe at work and double as a bowl.

  4. Don’t want to bother with the microwave? Pasta salad is great for making ahead, and it can be eaten at your desk while answering emails on a busy day. We love this resource for a variety of pre-made salad recipes.

  5. Whatever you decide to pack and bring from home for your lunch, make sure you don’t forget it! Try leaving your keys in the refrigerator on top of your lunch so you literally cannot leave without it.

Don’t Miss Our Giveaway!!

We would love to hear from you, do you pack a lunch for work? What are your favorite make-ahead meals? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share a picture of your “brown bag” lunch with the hashtag #WorkLunchWithRockview and you could win a Rockview Family Farms insulated lunch bag!

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