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Transportation Supervisor Celebrates 30 Years at Rockview Family Farms

October 16, 2018

Dedication to Transportation

Rockview Family Farms’ Transportation Supervisor Jim Hower has been an essential member of Rockview’s transportation team for 30 years. Jim began his career here as a route manager, became a foreman in 1997, a manager in 2007, and now works as a transportation supervisor overseeing 65 drivers. Anyone who knows Jim will tell you that he is friendly, dedicated, hard-working, and a true team player.

Jim spends his days monitoring routes, ensuring deliveries are made on time, contacting customers and inputting data for management reports. Jim says that every day is different depending on a variety of moving parts. Jim works closely with three other transportation supervisors to keep drivers safe, servicing trucks and delivering products into the hands of satisfied customers efficiently.

The Wheels of Rockview

In Jim’s words, his department is “the wheels of Rockview” – a clever phrase that couldn’t be more true. Without the hard work and dedication of Jim and his team, our milk wouldn’t reach the schools, suppliers, and stores where our loyal customers can depend on finding our fresh, high quality milk. Dan describes the transportation department as “truly a team effort” and is quick to credit the skills, hard work and dedication of his coworkers.

Jim faces a range of challenges and monitors the governing bodies that impact his department such as the Department of Transportation and the California Highway Patrol. When asked to describe a perfect day at work, Jim said, “When all work is done with no delays and all customers are happy with the product and service they receive from drivers.”

Cheers to Jim

Jim and his three fellow transportation supervisors invest in team building out on the golf course every two months. Having time away from work to connect is a tradition that they all value. Jim also enjoys spending time with his family and grandkids (spoiling them, of course!). Jim’s favorite Rockview product is eggnog – what great timing for Jim, eggnog season is just around the corner! Let’s toast to Jim this season and the 30 years he has dedicated to Rockview Family Farms.






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