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Employee Spotlight on Rockview Family Farms’ Route Foreman

February 4, 2019

Transportation Team Player

Hector Palafox has been working at Rockview Family Farms since September of 1998. In over 20 years of service in dedication to the company, Hector has filled a variety of roles and positions including Class A Driver, Yard Goat Driver, Relief Driver, Utility Driver, Dispatch and his current role as Route Foreman. As a leader in our transportation department, Hector plays a key role in making sure that Rockview Family Farms’ quality products get delivered in a timely manner with top notch service.

A Day in the Life

A typical work day for Hector starts at 11:30 pm. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to happen before early morning deliveries are made that often go unnoticed. Hector begins his day checking emails for special instructions from salesmen and superiors. He then checks for employee absences to ensure that he has enough man power and secured equipment. Hector then finishes up work that wasn’t finished during the day including printing invoices and getting all 50 routes ready to go out before the driver arrives.

Once these logistical tasks to plan the routes are done, Hector then tends to the trucks. Since the mechanics don’t work at night, Hector takes manual and computer-generated temperatures of each trailer and fixes any problems himself. This could mean jump-starting trailers, tractors and bobtails, putting air in tires, fixing lift gates and replacing light bulbs or marker lights. The last step in getting the trucks ready is weighing them to make sure that they are DOT compliant.

Communication is Key in Transportation

Hector emphasized the importance of making sure he communicates with all other departments to make sure products are loaded correctly and delivered to the right place in a timely manner. Hector works closely with the sales team, the production plant, the warehouse and the load out team. A perfect day to Hector is one that runs smooth with no call outs, injuries, shortages, computer glitches or equipment problems! When all product is loaded and ready in the correct trailer, and drivers are heading out on their routes, he is happy!

Thanks for Your Service Hector!

When he isn’t at Rockview Family Farms making sure everything runs smoothly in our Transportation Department, Hector enjoys going on Harley rides with his wife, friends and co-workers. He enjoys doing long rides and charity rides with this close knit group. Hector also enjoys playing golf with coworkers and coaching a local softball team. Under his leadership, the softball team at Long Beach City College has made it to the play-offs every year since he joined three years ago. Hector is a great guy with a positive attitude and is a key player in our team. Hector was recognized with the Driver of the Year Award in 2010 and continues to excel and invest in our drivers. Thank you for your service and dedication, Hector!


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