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Employee Spotlight on Rockview Family Farms’ Plant Supervisor

April 4, 2019

Carlos Lopez has been working at Rockview Family Farms since October 2004. In over 14 years of service, Carlos has had the opportunity to work in different departments which he describes as the key to understanding the big picture of the business. He has worked in the garage with diesel mechanics, in the load out department, the Rockview warehouse, in the plant lab with our quality team and now in a leadership role at the hub of our plant. Carlos currently oversees and supervises milk receiving, processing from the raw milk tankers arriving at Rockview, pasteurizing product into silos for filling, and into various containers and fillers. Carlos is a team player and committed to accuracy and efficiency.

A Day in the Life
For Carlos, a typical work day starts at 10pm. He has a crew of over 15 employees including pasteurizers, filler operators, CIP and sanitation operators, load out crew, mechanics and yard drivers. It is Carlos’ job to plan the product sequences for the pasteurizers and operators and work closely with all departments to make sure the needs of the customers are met in a timely manner. Managing over 200 emails and specific requests per day, Carlos makes it his priority to get all of the routes out efficiently without any shortages. The plant uses a complex data system which helps him ensure that all order information and machine operating temperatures are correct.

Record Breaking Teamwork
Under his leadership, Carlos’ shift team recently broke production records at the fillers. Carlos prioritizes team chemistry and encourages his team to set unified goals so that they can all work with a sole purpose. His team routinely sets both team and individual goals for each other as a shift and work together to achieve them.

Committed to Service at Home and at Work
When we asked Carlos what the best part of his job is, he answered “being able to make an impact for our organization by ensuring that we properly and efficiently process our from the tanker to the filler”. Carlos strongly believes that quality assurance and the integrity of our products is the very top priority. When asked what he thinks is the most rewarding part of his job for him personally he answered “being able to get a team together to achieve work goals that cannot be achieved as an individual”, demonstrating that Carlos really is a team player! You can also see Carlos’ team-oriented values in action outside of work, where he enjoys volunteering the community, coaching his kids’ little league teams, and spending quality time with family.

Join us in congratulating Carlos on his record-breaking teamwork and his commitment to top notch service here at Rockview!