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Let Us Count The Ways!

From our farming operations to our state-of-the-art processing facilities and our warehousing and distribution capabilities, Rockview Family Farms does it all! And our commitment to all aspects of quality, including security, food safety, and product integrity, means you can be confident our processes ensure consistency and quality in everything we do.

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Rockview serves all kinds of folks! We support a full line of dairy and related products for distribution in the food service and retail trade industries—meaning our customers are just about as varied as our product offerings.

Every day we have the pleasure of doing business with schools, independent markets, hospitals, health care facilities, all kinds of restaurants, coffeehouses, bakeries, food services, cafeterias, institutions, and other creameries.

Our Services

We do more than you can imagine! And, as Southern California’s Hometown Dairy since 1927, we do it all with a smile!

  • Production and distribution of Rockview brand products
  • Third-party wholesale and retail fulfillment and distribution
  • Production and distribution of a variety of HTST and ESL/UHT products
  • Private-label manufacturing

Our Greatest Ability? Building
Relationships Through Excellent Service

For over 50 years, our old-world, family-oriented approach to service has never let us—or our customers—down. Like we always say, whether a distributor, restaurant owner, or full-time mom, all Rockview customers are family. That’s why each one can depend on…

  • Flexibility far beyond the industry standard
  • Special requests met with thoughtful consideration and fulfillment
    whenever possible
  • Kind responsiveness in the face of last-minute emergencies
  • No-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee

It’s a Fact: Many of Our
Customers Have Been with
Us for Over 50 Years!

We like to think that has
something to do with what we call

Rockview Wholesale Rule #1
Always Err On the Side of Customer Service.
Some Call it Crazy. We Just Call it Good Business.

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Wholesale Rule #1

Always Err On The Side Of Customer Service.

Some Call It Crazy. We Just Call It Good Business. Let us show you what we mean!

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Did You Know?

Many of our customers have been with us for over 50 years!

Find out why! Reach out to the Rockview Sales Team today. It just might be the beginning of something to last a lifetime.

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A Long List of
Great Products

We distribute all kinds of products, including cheese, eggs, salads, bottled water, and dressings. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

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