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Three Exciting Ways to Enjoy National Ice Cream Month

July 22, 2017

Indulging in a Classic Treat with Creativity and Style

Scooped on a cone, hidden in a cake, or melting over a berry pie – regardless of how you like to enjoy it, ice cream is the perfect treat for summer! July also just so happens to be National Ice Cream Month (not that you needed another reason to indulge). In honor of this treat, we are sharing three fun ways to make your own ice-cream treat at home!

  1. Shake up a fun treat in your own backyard

    An ice cream ball is a great way to get children involved and make your own batch of ice-cream without an expensive ice-cream maker. All you need for vanilla ice cream is one pint of Rockview Half & Half or cream, one and half teaspoons of vanilla extract, and a third cup of sugar. Children will enjoy mixing in their own toppings to create creative flavors. Don’t have time to get an ice cream ball, try this recipe in a Ziploc bag!

  2. Make your own ice-cream cake at home in only ten minutes

    This recipe from Yahoo Food uses ice cream sandwiches and custom cookie toppings to make a treat worthy of a celebration. Have a summer birthday to celebrate but don’t want to heat the house? All this treat needs is a few candles)!

  3. Add some flair to the Ice Cream in your freezer

    Already have a few cartons of your favorite ice cream at home? Why not make something special to serve with it! There are a lot of creative ideas out there from an ice cream taco shell, chocolate chip cookie cone, or even a delicious churro bowl.

Get outside and celebrate

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy this special treat, all of us at Rockview wish you a very merry National Ice Cream Month! We think ice cream tastes even better after a fun outdoor activity, so why not get outside with your loved ones and play a game of kickball, go for a hike or find a new swimming spot.