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5 Spooky Crafts to Make with a Milk Carton for Halloween

October 24, 2017

Festive (and Inexpensive) Halloween Crafts

Halloween is just around the corner, is your house décor missing a festive spooky factor? It can be hard to justify spending money on Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving place settings and Christmas trees to think about in the near future. We have just the thing! These 5 DIY Halloween decoration ideas are not only inexpensive, but a fun activity too. Best of all, you can put that empty Rockview milk gallon to good use!

  1. Scary Monster Yard Lights

These lights will help guide trick-or-treaters to your door and add a playful spooky vibe too! Children will love making their own faces and seeing them light up in the yard.

  1. Hanging Skeleton that Comes to Life

Older children (and adults to!) will enjoy building this happy skeleton bone by bone. Give him a name and watch him come to life in the wind to scare all of your neighbors! Consider adding glow in the dark paint to bring this craft to the next level.

  1. Creepy Porch Spider

With some foam legs attached, an empty milk carton is transformed into a larger-than-life spooky spider! This long-legged friend is sure to impress your neighbors and with some black duck tape this craft doesn’t even require paint or glue!

  1. Life-like Witch to Greet Visitors

The handle of the milk carton is quickly transformed in the long nose of this green-faced friend! Your Halloween guests are sure to be bewitched by her charm.

  1. Vampire Candy Holder

Not going to be home on Halloween? Leave out some candy for trick-or-treaters in the mouth of this spooky milk jug turned vampire!

Do you have more ideas for how to reuse your empty milk carton or jug for a Halloween decoration or costume? We would love to see your ideas! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and if we like your creation we may just send you a fancy prize (worth more than candy!!)