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November 16, 2017

Celebrating 90 Years Serving Our Customers

Keeping a business viable decade after decade is no easy feat. Rockview Family Farms has kept the doors open, literally, the barn doors open, and has changed with the times to meet the nutritional needs of its customers for 90 years. To celebrate the 90th year since Rockview Family Farms was founded, here are 90 facts about Rockview Family Farms, farming, dairy, cows, and the vital nutrition that dairy products supply.

Coincidentally, milk contains nine nutrients that bodies need to grow and function—one nutrient for every decade! You will find one of these in every entry below with a ‘9’ in it (9, 19, 29, etc.). Enjoy these factoids. You might not have “herd” them before.

90 Facts for 90 Years

  1. Rockview Family Farms was a small dairy situated in what was then called “Downey City,” now known simply as Downey.
  2. Rockview Family Farms was founded by Bob Hops in 1927, and taken over by the McCandless brothers in 1932.
  3. The DeGroot family has been in leadership at Rockview Family Farms since 1965 when Pete DeGroot bought it out of bankruptcy.
  4. Pete DeGroot, an immigrant from Holland, set in motion a legacy of hard work that remains today.
  5. L.A. County was the nation’s most productive agriculture county until 1954. At that time, there were 991 dairies and almost 105,000 cows in L.A. County. From a time when there was a dairy on almost every corner, Rockview Family Farms is one of Southern California’s few remaining family-owned milk operations.
  6. Today, only 37 facilities in L.A. County are licensed to produce fluid milk and dairy products.
  7. Southern California children have been drinking Rockview Family Farms milk at school for over 45 years at hundreds of schools in the greater LA area. That equates to thousands of children who have been Raised on Rockview!
  8. California is the number one milk producing state in the nation, providing 19% of the country’s milk. California surpassed Wisconsin in 1993, but Wisconsin maintains the top rank as the cheese whiz, California is the second cheesiest.
  9. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The first is calcium– nine out of 10 teen girls and seven out of 10 teen boys don’t get the calcium they need. Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth and plays an essential role in nerve function, muscle contraction, and blood clotting throughout your life.
  10. Rockview Family Farms now offers ultra-pasteurized products for extended shelf life. It is heated to 264 degrees for 2 seconds.
  11. Rockview Family Farms operates three dairy farms. They are in Ontario, California, Central California, and one in Nevada.
  12. Schools don’t just serve our milk, many of them use yogurt from Rockview Family Farms in their breakfast parfaits.
  13. Rockview Family Farms is committed to providing fresh milk from the farm to the grocer’s shelf, usually within 72 hours.
  14. Rockview Family Farms products are preferred by chefs and found in hundreds of restaurants. King’s Restaurant Group uses our products regularly in their Butter Cake and Apple Cobbler.
  15. Some of your favorite burger joints use Rockview Family Farms products for their delicious shakes!
  16. Rockview Family Farms owns their cows and farms and treats their cows humanely and with respect. They take great care of their cows because they believe in being good stewards of animals and land. Simply, healthy cows make the best tasting milk.
  17. Rockview cows have fresh air and plenty of room to roam.
  18. Rockview Family Farms cows are fed a nutritious diet of a mix of alfalfa hay and grains, and clean water. The feed changes throughout the year and may also contain almond hulls, oats, cotton seed, corn, wheat pulp, brewers mash (after beer is made). As you can see, cows eat a lot of waste products that would not be used otherwise. They are bio-converters, consuming things that humans could not, and would otherwise end up in
  19. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The second is potassium. It regulates the body’s fluid balance, helping maintain normal blood pressure, and is used in muscle contraction and activity. Potassium is essential for electrolyte balance for active kids and teens.
  20. In 50 years Rockview Family Farms has never given their cows artificial growth hormones.
  21. Rockview Family Farms has organic farms in Armargosa Valley NV––in the shadow of the California sun setting behind the mountains that border California and Nevada––where cows are given 100% organic feed.
  22. Cows have four stomachs. They chew enough to swallow and then their coarse food goes to the first two stomachs known as the rumen and the reticulum. After she feels full, she stops eating and the food stays in these stomachs. She coughs up the food a little at a time and chews it more until it is ready to travel to her third and fourth stomachs, the omasum and abomasum.
  23. What the cow coughs up after swallowing it the first time, it is called “cud.” The expression, “Chewing the cud,” means to think it over thoroughly before making a decision.
  24. Rockview Family Farms products are free from GMOs.
  25. Rockview Family Farms cows are never treated with rBST, a bovine growth hormone (recombinant bovine somatotropin) used to increase milk production.
  26. Rockview is available in major grocery chains in California: Cardenas Markets, Gelson’s Markets, Grocery Outlet, Rite-Aid, Superior Grocers, 99¢ Only Stores, Circle K, R-Ranch Markets, and a variety of convenience stores.
  27. To show our appreciation for loyal Rockview Family Farms customers, we give out generous and fun prizes to those who follow us on our social media channels. (Join the fun today! Facebook and Instagram
  28. People originally enjoyed Rockview Family Farms products in glass bottles through home delivery and drive-in dairies.
  29. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The third is phosphorus that strengthens bones and generates energy in the body’s cells.
  30. The first stores that carried Rockview Family Farms milk were liquor stores.
  31. When Rockview first started, all milk was in glass bottles. Now various milk products are packaged in cartons, various sizes plastic containers, and pouches.
  32. In the heyday of Southern California dairy farms, the city of Cerritos, CA was known as Dairy Valley until it incorporated in 1956. The Orange County city of La Palma was called Dairyland until 1965, and Cypress was called Dairy City.
  33. One of Rockview Family Farms’ long time customers was LA Catering, catering trucks. LA Catering, evolved into panaderias and Hispanic markets in the 1970-80s.
  34. Dairy is a popular add-in to any cup of coffee whether it is skim, low-fat, half and half, or full-fat cream. Lately butter is a new favorite for many—as a diet trick.
  35. Roosevelt milk vending is one of Rockview Family Farms oldest customers–since the late 1960s!
  36. Pete DeGroot bought Rockview in 1965 and passed away in 1978, at age 67, leaving his son Amos to help it grow as a processing plant, and now Amos’s sons Ted and Curt are overseeing the growth as a food services company. Ted and Curt grew up working on the dairy. Now their children are involved.
  37. Currently, Rockview Family Farms employs 365 people in Downey, California.
  38. Rockview Family Farms milk sales indicate that the current trend is to consume more whole milk, while skim milk purchases are shrinking. Butter and heavy cream are also high on the popularity list.
  39. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The fourth is Protein builds and repairs muscle tissues and is a source of energy for active kids both mentally and physically (essential before that math test!).
  40. Over the years, Rockview Family Farms and the DeGroot Foundation has donated to a variety of charities primarily focused on local, children-focused, hunger and homelessness, issues (food banks), including dozens of schools, the Compton Initative, Boys & Girls Clubs, Hope Seekers, Valley Christian School, Special Olympics, just to name a few.
  41. If you only feed cows hay and grain they eat just the hay and not the grain.
  42. When it comes specifically to milk, the truth is, cup for cup, conventional and organic milk BOTH contain the same nine essential nutrients. These nutrients distinguish milk as a powerhouse nutritional beverage. The primary differences between the two are in the processing. According to the USDA, milk products labeled “organic” are from cows that are given exclusively organic feed, they are never given hormones or antibiotics and they have access to pasture. With access to pasture, organic milk has the potential to contain more omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation in the body.
  43. Rockview Family Farms had the Rockview moniker when it started in 1927, so no one is certain where the name came from, but it is believed that it harkens to somewhere in Ireland. Possibly the Irish seaside vacation area near Giant’s Causeway.
  44. Rockview Family Farms milk is pasteurized and homogenized. Pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to kill any harmful pathogens that may cause disease. Homogenization emulsifies the milk so the fat does not rise to the top.
  45. When milk is FORTIFIED, it means that some of the good stuff that was removed in the pocess is returned to the milk—like milk solids. If milk is ENRICHED nutrients have been added that were not in the milk to begin with, like Vitamin D.
  46. When it comes to childhood milk consumption, the USDA recommends that children ages 2-8 years old consume two to two and a half cups of milk per day. For older children 9-18 years old, the recommendation jumps to three cups per day.
  47. The USDA recommends three cups of dairy for adults, which is much more likely to be consumed by adults who grew up drinking milk. And since children learn eating habits by observing parents, moms (and dads) who meet this dairy requirement are setting a great example for children.
  48. According to the Dairy Council of California, “[…] milk produced in California must meet specific standards that are higher than the federal standards.” California milk meets these high standards by ensuring the inclusion of nonfat milk solids, which fortify the milk. This healthy addition is why people from other areas notice an improved taste and creaminess to California milk. Thanks to these higher standards, California milk is also nutritionally superior. Many Americans are deficient in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals considered essential nutrients for optimal health. But the inclusion of milk solids to milk increases the levels of these nutrients without a significant calorie increase.
  49. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The fifth is Vitamin A.  Vitamin A helps maintain normal vision, regulate cell growth and the immune system, and even improve skin to combat teen acne.
  50. According to a recent study, cow’s milk makes you grow taller than alternative milks. Three year olds who had been consuming cow’s milk were an average of 1.5 cm taller than children the same age who had been drinking alternative milks.
  51. Chocolate milk has been found to be an ideal beverage to drink in order to replenish after workouts. The combination of protein, carbs, sodium, sugar, and water give an athlete’s body something to metabolize instead of just replacing sweat like water and other sports drinks do.
  52. Rockview Family Farms’ eggnog is made with dairy-fresh cream, sugar, eggs, and a blend of wonderful spices.
  53. To make a “Spicy Snowman,” add a dash of cinnamon whiskey to Rockview Family Farms’ eggnog, then drink responsibly.
  54. Rockview produces and distributes a wide variety of top-quality, healthy products including conventional milks, half & half, cream, eggnog, ice cream and yogurt products. In addition to traditional dairy beverages, we also distribute other food items including juice, eggs and ice-cream.
  55. A cow will have a calf each year as long as she is healthy enough to remain in the herd.
  56. Milk is the drink of celebration at the Indianapolis 500, a race run annually on Memorial Day weekend since 1911. Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Louis Meyer started the tradition drinking buttermilk in Victory Lane.
  57. When Pete DeGroot came to America, he milked 30 cows twice a day, by hand. Now, cows are milked twice a day by machine.
  58. The California Milk Advisory Board hosts a California Dairy Princess program. The Dairy Princesses serve as ambassadors and appear at industry and agricultural functions throughout their one-year reign.
  59. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The sixth is Vitamin D which helps promote the absorption of calcium and enhances bone mineralization. Additionally, vitamin D is essential for healthy hormones and immune system health.
  60. Almonds are actually in the peach family and have more calcium than any other nut.
  61. Rockview Family Farms also grows almonds and pistachios in central California for their plant-based products.
  62. Unlike home-made almond milk, Rockview Family Farms’ almond milk is pasteurized to kill bacteria, and should be refrigerated.
  63. Almond milk is naturally lactose free.
  64. A baby cow is called a calf.
  65. A cow will have her first calf at age two and will have an average of three calves in her lifetime.
  66. The original version of the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle,” dating back to the 16th century includes a pig that jumped over the moon, instead of a cow.
  67. Rockview Family Farms’ warehouse in Southgate is 50,000 square feet filled completely with dairy products. Imagine an entire Costco location dedicated to dairy products. They have another warehouse in City of Industry, in addition to the refrigerated space at each plant.
  68. The cow painted on the side of the Rockview Family Farms’ Southgate warehouse, is named Lucky. Over 200,000 drivers see her every day on the 710 freeway.
  69. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The seventh is Vitamin B12.  It’s an essential vitamin that builds red blood cells and carries oxygen from lungs to working muscles. Kids need adequate B12 for focus and energy.
  70. Move over brussel sprouts, butter is a super food! According to the blog, butter is nutrient dense, and full of Vitamin A, D, E, K, antioxidants, minerals including selenium, manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, cholesterol, fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid, butyric acid, arachidonic acid (for brain function and healthy cell membranes), lauric acid, short and medium chain fatty acids in the perfect omega 3 to omega 6 balance, lecithin (for metabolic health), iodine in a highly absorbable form, glycosphingolipids (protects against gut infections)
  71. There are different kinds of cows used in dairy farming. Holsteins, identified as white with black spots is one of the more common cows. Their spots are all as unique as snowflakes. Holsteins weigh up toward 1500 pounds.
  72. Jersey cows are brown without spots and smaller than holsteins reaching about 1,000 pounds in maturity.
  73. Guernsey cows are medium-sized at about 1,200 pounds and are light brown with white spots.
  74. Cows eat over 100 pounds of feed per day.
  75. It rarely rains in California and Nevada, but according to Rockview Family Farms’ farmers, cows kind of like the rain. They usually have covered roofs if they care to avoid it.
  76. Cow tipping is virtually impossible. Cows don’t sleep standing up, sometimes they rest standing up, but even if people could “tip” a cow, it is agile enough to catch itself before falling.
  77. Cows all have horns, dairy cows’ horns are aremoved for safety—for the cows and the farmers.
  78. About 46% of California milk is used to make California cheese.
  79. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The eighth is Niacin is important for enzyme function in the body, helping metabolize sugars, fatty acids, and proteins. Niacin is also important for growing tall!
  80. Cottage Cheese is little Miss Muffett’s favorite that is referred to as curds and whey in the nursery rhyme.
  81. Any dairy farm produces manure. Rockview Family Farms uses it for fertilizer and compost, and sells some. They have sold organic manure to golf course operations.
  82. Rockview Family Farms swears that their buttermilk makes the best pancakes.
  83. Rockview Family Farms has been producing yogurt for about 10 years.
  84. Sour is really a bad description for the delicious culture Rockview Family Farms uses to give sour cream its distinctine tangy flavor. It’s really just like crème fraiche, and other European treatments.
  85. A male cow is called a bull.
  86. American folklore blames Mrs. O’Learys’ cow for kicking over a lantern in a barn in Chicago in 1871 that led to the entire city burning down and ultimately being re-built.
  87. President William Howard Taft, kept his pet cow at the White House. Her name was Pauline Wayne. She supplied milk and butter to the first family. She was the last cow to live at the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  88. Hindus consider cows sacred, because they consider mothers to be on the same level of goddess.
  89. Milk provides nine important nutrients your body needs. The ninth is riboflavin which is essential for converting food into energy to be used by muscle.
  90. Rockview Family Farms is celebrating its first 90 years and looks forward to many more decades ahead.