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White, Dark and Milk Chocolate – How Much Milk is in Your Favorite?

February 14, 2018

Can’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Chocolate

Chances are your plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day will involve giving, receiving or consuming some kind of chocolate candy. In the week surrounding February 14th alone, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate is sold in the United States. According to research compiled by Nielsen this accounts for 5.1 percent of chocolate’s annual sales and totals over $448 million. That is a lot of chocolate!! If you’re like us, you can’t even think about chocolate without thinking about milk. In fact, milk is a key ingredient in the large majority of chocolate. How much milk depends of course on the type of chocolate!

The Chocolate Spectrum

It isn’t a surprise that milk chocolate contains a significant amount of milk. In order to be considered milk chocolate the candy must contain 12 percent or more milk. This could be milk powder, liquid milk or condensed milk. The dairy in milk chocolate gives it creamy, mouth-watering taste. White chocolate contains even more milk than milk chocolate, usually more than 14 percent! While it doesn’t actually contain any cocoa solids, white chocolate is a favorite around Valentine’s Day and is often festively dyed red or pink. Dark chocolate is made with at least 35 percent cocoa and doesn’t usually contain that much milk. The high ratio of cocoa to milk gives dark chocolate its distinct bitter flavor. We do think dark chocolate pairs very nicely with a glass of milk on the side!

Bite into a Bar with Your Love

Chocolate is seen in many forms around Valentine’s Day! From brownies to cookies to heart-shaped truffles, chocolate abounds! With all of this chocolate consumption, it got us wondering what type of chocolate you prefer? Share a picture of your Valentine’s Day Chocolate treat on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RockviewLovesChocolate and you could win a case of our delicious chocolate milk!