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Employee Spotlight On Rockview Family Farms’ Safety Director

April 11, 2018

Keep Rockview Family Farms Safe Since 2003

At Rockview Family Farms we take workplace safety seriously. Our employees are like family to us and we work hard to keep them safe so that they can excel in their jobs and enjoy life outside of work. Maintaining a safe environment across the company requires a lot of behind-the-scenes effort that often goes unnoticed – making our Safety Director a great choice to feature for an employee spotlight!

When we first approached Bill Kroese about being featured on our blog he was reluctant. Bill is a hard-working guy who loves a challenge and has never asked for recognition. He has been with the company for 16 years, during which he has performed a variety of different roles including home delivery management, transportation department supervisor, insurance claim and property management, oversight of loss protection and director of safety.

Along with appreciating a good challenge, Bill genuinely wants to do what is best for the company and is willing to step in where needed. In his years with Rockview Family Farms, Bill has formed strong relationships with employees across departments and his good rapport serves him well as Safety Director. In his role Bill equips department leaders with the training and accountability to promote a safe environment, minimize loss and make sure employees feel cared for. Bill appreciates that his role is always changing, commenting that his “ultimate goal is to bring value to the company” and he hopes to “never stop learning because the more you know the more you need to know”.

5 Things You May Not Know About our Safety Director:

  1. Bill’s favorite Rockview Family Farms product is chocolate milk
  2. With four teenagers in the house, Bill’s family drinks 5-6 gallons of milk every week
  3. Bill’s job includes tracking down lost milk crates (if you see him be sure to ask about the strangest places he has found them – you’ll be entertained).
  4. According to Bill, the best part about his job is his fellow employees. He couldn’t imagine coming to work and not enjoying the people he works with.
  5. We asked Bill what a good day at work looks like, he shared, “Every day we make it through without an injury is a great day”.

We are so grateful for hard working employees like Bill who help make Rockview Family Farms the best it can be. Our employees are like family to us and keeping them safe is a top priority. We think that farm fresh milk tastes EVEN BETTER when it comes from a company whose employees are healthy, happy and challenged in their work, don’t you agree?