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Employee Spotlight on Rockview Family Farms’ Quality Systems Manager

August 28, 2018

A Fresh Face Committed to Providing the Highest Quality Milk

At Rockview Family Farms we take pride in producing the highest quality milk. We have a team of experts working hard behind the scenes to make that happen. Jolene Bui, our Quality Systems Manager, is an essential part of that team. Jolene loves the fast-paced nature of her job and thrives on managing all of the details that make operations run smoothly.

Jolene joined the Rockview family in March of 2017 after working in the dairy industry for 18 years. She was hesitant to start over with a new company at first because coworker relationships are very important to her. She says she now loves the team and felt completely supported by her fellow workers and appreciates how her supervisor and plant manager will jump in to help anytime she needs it. In her words, she is glad to be part of a crew that is making a difference and she is “lucky to find my home now.”

Jolene’s role as Quality Systems Manager is dynamic and different every day. Jolene is responsible for anything related to quality – inspecting equipment, sanitation, food safety, maintenance, lab procedures and production. Jolene oversees it all to make sure that everyone is following protocols, temperature according to the pasteurized milk ordinance, and federal regulations. She needs to make sure they are ready for spontaneous inspections and FDA audits. She loves that she can rely on her team to make sure all of the moving parts are in place. Jolene’s top priority is to keep customers safe and satisfied and give them the best milk on the market.

5 Things You May Not Know About Our Quality Systems Manager:

  1. Jolene’s favorite Rockview Family Farms product is whole milk
  2. The youngest of Jolene’s three children loves seeing the Rockview truck at her school and of course enjoys the chocolate milk too!
  3. Jolene is originally from Vietnam and loves tropical plants
  4. Gardening is one of Jolene’s favorite past times – at the end of the day she goes to her backyard to check on her vegetables before even going in her house!
  5. When Jolene first tasted our milk she was blown away – so much fresher than the competition! It gives her confidence that we have our own farm and provide the freshest and most delicious milk to our customers.

At the end of the day Jolene likes going home knowing that the plant is running smoothly without any safety or quality concerns. If anything is not as it should be she doesn’t want to leave work because her top priority is ensuring the highest quality product ships out and makes customers happy. We are so grateful for Jolene’s dedication and value her as part of the Rockview Family!