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Raised on Rockview – Old River Elementary Makes MOOvies!

May 7, 2019


For the second year in a row Downey’s Old River Elementary students took on the challenge of making videos that communicate the benefits of drinking milk. There are nine nutrients in milk that children (and adults) need to grow strong and healthy.

Old River’s GATE classes took on the Raised on Rockview video assignment with gusto to create these seven MOOvies that remind you how effective a glass of milk is to your body.

We started the project with an assembly at the school and presented the importance of proper nutrition. Since Rockview Family Farms is the school milk supplier for Downey Unified School District and many others in the southland, the children are very familiar with the label and the satisfying taste. Of course, we gave them the opportunity to sample the product with some snacks. Chocolate milk was the number one choice as approximately 60 children sat with rapt attention during the presentation.

We loaded them up with nutritional information and gave them six weeks and these few rules:

  1. Be creative! You can use any style (clay-mation, illustration, real children, etc.) to tell your story but it must be a video.
  2. The video can be any length under two minutes.
  3. You MUST use these elements:
  • The phrase “Raised on Rockview,”
  • The Rockview Family Farms milk logo,
  • The phrase “Available at a store near you,”
  • Photo or rendering of a milk carton of any size.
  1. We suggest, but it’s not required, that you include the following:
  • The nine nutrients in milk that children need
  • Images of kids drinking

We came back for a viewing party (and more chocolate milk) and loved what we saw! With chocolate milk, doughnuts, and a brand new “Raised on Rockview” t-shirt, each child was beaming with pride as their group’s video came on the screen. There were seven videos each with a unique take on the messaging.

As a thank you for the great work from the school, Rockview Family Farms donated $1000 for improvements to the school’s technology lab. Each child also received a t-shirt and a small cow-shaped ice pack, perfect to soothe a boo-boo.

Pour yourself a glass of milk and treat yourself to a bakery item while you click on the titles below and watch the videos. Do a friend a favor and share this post.

The Milky Ways

The Chocolate Milks

Rockview Legends

Moo Moo Missters

Milky Llamas

Intellectual Cows


Partnering with Old River School is just one way we flex our COWmunity Giving. It’s important to us to support our community. Rockview Family Farms has been Southern California’s hometown dairy since 1927.