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Employee Spotlight on the Rockview Family Farms’ Garage

September 4, 2019

Guys in the Garage Keep Engines running Smooth

In order to provide the best possible products to our customers, top notch transportation is key to success. To make sure our deliveries are made on time, we rely on our transportation team (which you can read all about in this post!). Even further behind the scenes is another team that makes sure all of the trucks and vehicles are in working order and that’s the guys in the garage.

The garage team is comprised of nine employees who are responsible for all of the Rockview transportation equipment including 80 fork lifts and pallet jacks, over 120 semi trailers, and over 75 power and refrigeration units. The garage team works from 6am to 5pm (and has to keep noise down for neighbors), and is on call before and after. Rockview is always the top priority, but the garage also works on outside distributor’s equipment.

A perfect day in the garage is when all the work that is scheduled gets done with no break downs or road calls. When all of the customers get deliveries on time and at 33 degrees. The team also mentioned that since they do their work outside, a perfect day is sunny and 72 degrees. The team also prioritizes safety and is proud of their streak of over 5,000 days without any injuries.

Itch Vargas is the Fearless Leader of the Garage Team

Serving in a variety of different roles, Itch has been part of the Rockview team since 1985. In those 34 years of service, Itch has earned a reputation of being reliable, hard working, friendly and a true leader. Itch and the guys have a strong work ethic, but also know how to have fun. A few of the guys ride motorcycles, work on custom cares and hot rods, and enjoy fishing and golfing.

Join us in thanking the garage for all they do to keep things running smoothly!