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Employee Spotlight on Rockview Family Farms’ Kaream Jordan

November 22, 2019

Kareem’s a team player

Kaream Jordan has been working for Rockview Family Farms since May 1, 2001. He has served in a variety of different roles and has been an integral part of our team. He started in the cold box, loading and unloading dairy product, taking temps of the trailers, and building orders for our drivers for their deliveries. After two years with Rockview he was promoted to work as a Quality Control Foreman in the Cold Box on 3rd shift, to assure that our customers received the best product by making sure our milk was properly rotated before loaded into the trailers.

During his time as a Quality Control Foreman, Kaream was able to learn a computer program called Q-Basic, used to track and monitor Rockview’s Trailers for Temps and fuel at the time. While Using Q-Basic, he learned how to use 10 key on the computer keyboard, and got really fast at it and is proud of that! After a few months of being a Quality Control Foreman, Kaream was then asked to work as the Rockview Farm’s night time Customer Service agent.

Kareem puts the Customer First

While in Customer service, Kaream took all the night time orders for will calls, special delivery orders, late add on orders for routes, and made sure our drivers received all their invoices before they left to make their deliveries. He also balanced and updated the invoices nightly for accounting and worked side by side with the night time dispatcher. After 7yrs of customer service, Kaream returned to working in the Cold Box and the Plant here in Downey. Loading school trucks, working as a plastic man, a case dock operator, and building 2pack and 4pack pallets are some of his current responsibilities.

A Team Player and a Family Man

Kaream currently has the role of being the back line guy in the cold box. In this position he keeps the product flowing from the plant into the box, to allow minimum backups as possible, preventing warm milk and allowing the shift to run milk efficiently. In Kaream’s words, “I take pride in every position I’ve had and now have and do my best to excel and overcome any obstacles that may get in my way. I love it when I can clock out and know I’ve made a difference for the day in allowing my co-workers and I to have a great work day”.

Away from The Rock, Kaream enjoys spending time with my wife and 7 girls, going on gym dates with the Wifey, taking long bike rides, riding the riverbed through different cities to get to the beach to ride the beach bike trail. Now that he’s finally made it to the morning shift after 18 yrs and has Saturday Sunday’s off, he also enjoys being able to watch Football all day on Sundays.