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The greatest benefit of lactose-free dairy is that it allows more people to enjoy a delicious part of life! With lactose removed, people with lactose intolerance can consume dairy products without discomfort.

Just Like Regular Milk

Just Like Regular Milk

Lactose-free dairy products are super nutritious, with lots of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, just like regular dairy.


The complex sugar in milk is called lactose. To make our delicious milk safe for those with lactose intolerance this complex sugar is broken into two simpler sugars, galactose and glucose (which are much easier for these folks to digest), using the same natural enzyme our bodies use to break down lactose.

Rockview® Lactose-Free Milk is pasteurized using ultra-high temperature (UHT), or extended shelf life (ESL), technology. That just means it was heated to a higher temperature for a shorter time than conventionally pasteurized milk. All of our UHT/ESL products are just as wholesome and taste just as great. They just last longer!