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Hometown Dairy
Since 1927

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Do You Know a Kid Driven to Excel?

The Rockview Farms College Scholarship is almost here! Coming Soon in Summer 2016, we'll need your help finding high school seniors who show commitment to healthy living through:

Dedication to Physical Activity

Dedication to Physical Activity

Family & Community Involvement

Family & Community Involvement

Hard Work at School

Hard Work at School

We award scholarships each year to young people who are showing the world what it means to live out a tradition of excellence. We’re always on the lookout for the next Rockview Scholar!

The Rockview Family Collegiate Scholarship. Celebrating a Tradition of Excellence 50 Years Strong.

Our Story

Our Story Is Your Story

A Southern California family
business built on old-world values

Over 50 years ago, our great-grandfather, Pete DeGroot, founded Rockview Family Farms on one very powerful old-world principle: Customers are family. Five decades later, the only thing that’s changed is the number of farms, cows, and plants we own and the variety of products we offer.

I’m a California History Buff
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The Excellent Source of


Chocolate Milk

The Excellent Source of

Vitamin D

Healthy Eating 101

Seek Balance. Choose foods from all 5 food groups.

Think Positive. You CAN make healthy choices.

Eat Together. You’ll eat better.

Eat Your Dairy. Research says you probably need one more serving a day.

Hello! Welcome to the First Blog Post on the New Rockview Website!

Welcome to the all new! Check out our first blog post to learn about the great things our new website has to offer!

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The Excellent Source of


9 Nutrients School Milk Gives Kids

At Rockview, we’ve been delivering school milk to hundreds of schools in Southern California for almost 50 years.

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Cottage Cheese

The Excellent Source of


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