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About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

We’re More Than a Dairy

We’re about family. Rockview Family Farms has been family-owned and -operated in Southern California for more than 50 years. Today, we’re a producer and distributor of a wide variety of top-quality, healthy products. In addition to traditional dairy and extended shelf life beverages, we distribute salads, eggs, dressings, ice-cream, and much more for food service, institutional, manufacturing, and retail sales.

Our Farms & Facilities

We have three plants in California, and dairy farms throughout the western United States. Because we’re right there from the farm to the grocer’s shelf, we’re able to keep our products colder and get them to you quicker.

Each Rockview facility plays an important role in bringing the best quality products to your family every day, providing the facilities we need to produce all the products you love—from half & half, cream, juices, and conventional milks, to eggnog, yogurt, sour cream, and specialty, ultra-pasteurized products.

To Us, Family Means
More than a Shared Name

Though our dairy was brought to life by Grandfather DeGroot, you don’t have to carry that name to be part of the Rockview Family. Just ask our employees. From our dedicated plant operators to our office administrators and loading dock workers, Rockview team members are family—just like our customers.

Family Is Everything —
And You Are Family!

At Rockview, whether you serve our products to the ones you love, stock them on your store shelves, or include them in your restaurant’s menu favorites, we consider you family. Expect to be treated that way!

Use The Best, Get The Best

Did you know? Rockview makes the best milkshakes in California (with a little help from a few of the most famous burger joints in the state, of course)!

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